Online Quran Tutoring

Monthly Classes Plan and Fee Packages

We claim to offer the best Islamic and Quranic courses in the lowest fee packages.
Please choose any of the below class plans which suits you best. We offer a 15% flat discount on the total monthly fee when three or more students from one family register with us for any Islamic course.
You are also requested to inform about us to your relatives, friends and the maximum Muslim people. No doubt, you'll get higher rewards from Allaah Almighty.

Days Duration Monthly Classes Monthly Fee
2 Days (Sat - Sun) 30 Minutes 8 - 9 USD 50
2 Days (Sat - Sun) 45 Minutes 8 - 9 USD 75
3 Days (Weekly) 30 Minutes 12 - 15 USD 75
3 Days (Weekly) 45 Minutes 12 - 15 USD 100
4 Days (Weekly) 30 Minutes 16 - 19 USD 100
4 Days (Weekly) 45 Minutes 16 - 19 USD 125
5 Days (Mon to Fri) 30 Minutes 20 - 23 USD 125
5 Days (Mon to Fri) 45 Minutes 20 - 23 USD 150

It is an enriching experience that ensures accurate and melodious recitation of the Holy Book, we have been providing this service since the year 2009 worldwide. Our platform offers personalized lessons with certified tutors, focusing on the rules of Tajweed to enhance the pronunciation and fluency of the Holy Quraan. From the comfort of your home, delve into the spiritual journey of Qur'anic recitation. Our interactive sessions cater to all levels, fostering a deep connection with the sacred book. Join us today to embark on a meaningful exploration of Islam and Quraan with the guidance of knowledgeable instructors.