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Holy Quran Reading

Learn Qur'aan word by word with one to one tutoring classes. Best teaching methodology, learn Qur'an app and free books are available.

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Study Quran Online

Tajweed & Qir'at - التجويد

Purify your recitation according to the rules by joining this course of studying Qur'an with tajweed practicing tarteel, tadweer, hadar.

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Study Online Quran

Memorization - تحفيظ القرآن

Memorize fully Holy Qur'aan or a part of it to get blessed, with our experimental methods of memorization and how to learn Qur'an fast.

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Study Holy Quran

Translation - التفسير القرآن

Understand word to word meanings and sentence translation of Allaah's Book as its His revealed guidance with complete life codes.

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Online Study Quran

Hadith & Interpretation

Hadith & Sunnah are the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ about the religion Islaam and the only true interpretation of Noble Qura'an.

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Online Study Holy Quran

Arabic Spoken - اللغۃ العربیۃ

You'll be much fluent in speaking of Arabic and enhance skills of it's understanding in a very short time by joining this online course.

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Quran Learning Online

Brief Introduction of Holy Qur'aan

It is the last divinely Book of Allah Almighty which He revealed for the guidance of His servants upon His last choosen Messenger and honorable Prophet (the master of whole humanity) Muhammad (S.A.W) through (the master of the angels) Gabriel (A.S). In this Noble Book there are 114 chapters (سورة). We are available here to provide you one to one sessions of Quran learning for beginners that you'll start with Noorani qaida lesson. To become a true obedient servant of the Great Lord, we must include His Book's recitation in our daily routine life. Joining our tutoring classes is also a good option because its an easy way to learn to read Quran online by staying at your home in your suitable timings and days with any internet device.

Revelation and wordings of the Book

Qur'aan is Kalamullah as its every single letter and word is the direct speech of God Almighty (with it's all the letters and words), still preserved in it's true form and always will be - as was revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) through Jibreel (alaihissalam). There are so many virtues of this Book and it's recitation reveals Mercy of Allaah Almighty. It is the only book which is most recited around the world daily in every Masjid and since the childhood all Muslims are taught to recite it. You are provided an opportunity to learn Quran online or free download it from our webpage. As mentioned in the Noble Qur'aan that Allaah Almighty created men and jinn to perform His worship, so Holy Qur'an studying, listening and reading is also His worship. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that a person gets ten rewards on the recitation of one letter of Quraan.

Views and Testimonials

Raed is seven years old and taking Qur'aan classes, he was dividing words in parts before, but after getting lessons from Qari Saqlain he improved very much. Now, I'm quite happy with his pronunciation of words and satisfactory reading speed.

Sister Saima - USA

My son Danial is staying at his college's hostel and studying Translation and Interpretation with the revelation purposes of the verses. Its a great blessing for me that my son is getting Qur'an understanding and correcting his recitation during the classes.

Kamran Khan - Canada

Hafiz Saqlain is a very nice and good teacher which is highly appreciated by my children Ayesha and Ibrahim, he is always very kind and polite with kids. They are improving their Quraan reading with basic knowledge of Islam and daily supplications.

Dr. Syed Ehtisham - UK

I strongly recommend everyone to try online tutoring services of once, my three children completed Holy Quraan learning from here. I'm much happy and thankful to the tutor for all those efforts and struggle, now kids started Tajweed course.

Fatima Jaffery - Australia